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Step 3: Getting Honest and Taking Responsibility

Some may say this could be Step 1, however, I can only say what worked for me, and for me, this fell into Step 3: getting completely honest with myself, and then, taking personal responsibility for my actions which led me to there (i.e.: the gutter, the streets, my deep heroin addiction). Getting Honest I was such a liar before I got sober.  I lied about everything, for so many reasons. I didn't lie all the time, but I'd certainly lie, and with ease.   You cannot keep lying if you want to get sober, and change your life.   And most importantly, you cannot lie to yourself.  Taking Responsibility Getting honest with yourself, and taking personal responsibility for your actions, seem to me, to go hand in hand.  There are those of us who can wallow is things which did happen to us, using those instances to JUSTIFY our abusing ourselves, abusing others, etc., but if you are to get sober, change your life for the better, you MUST ACCEPT YOUR OWN ROLE.  In

Step 2: Writing Down Your Goals

Ok.  Once you've decided to give God a go, the next thing is to get a notebook, and write down your goals, no matter how crazy or farfetched they may be. When I was in the Royan Motel, around when I asked God for forgiveness, I wrote out my three goals that I had at that time.  I believe they were; to get off heroin, get off the street (the royan hotel was a Gutter hotel, if you dig), and become the mom I always intended to be.  Definitely , "far fetched," if you were a fly on the wall at that time.  NONETHELESS, my theory at that time was, being as I still KNEW in the unseen, I felt that, all of those who were, "my angels," spirits, people I loved on the otherside, would be able to SEE exactly what I wanted, needed, desired, and would help me.  It was very much like a, "wind beneath my wings," theory.  Cheesy, I know, but, it worked.  Oddly enough, many moons later, when I was well off the street, living soberly and in the suburbs, I was read

Step 1 in Getting Well: You MUST Have Faith in God (The Sole Creator)

I know some people are going to have a problem with this, but I don't care.  Here's why, STEP 1, begins with having at the minimum, faith in God.  Because, without it, what would be the point in even trying to get yourself well?  If God, eternity, the soul, weren't anything but mythical legends, then how we live here, would not matter.  We could live f**ked up, all the time, till our hearts desired, poisoning our bodies, minds, etc, with ease, for, it would not matter.  Why would it, if the infinite wasn't real? Now if you aren't living right, and are treating yourself like a garbage can with poisons, and poisonous behaviors, you probably don't care much for yourself.  So, finding God, is truly, the ONLY salvation. When I started my actual incline, of climbing out of poisoning myself, I felt, that I already had a knowledge of God.  I knew, God was real.  I prayed every day, for little things, like for my then husband to come back safely from copping drugs (