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Cleaning & Time

This isn't really a, "step," for me, because they're both things which are really, used or should be utilized, by everyone, everyday. Cleaning, in my opinion, is paramount to getting and remaining well. It's symbolic to me, about how we feel about ourselves.  For me, I like to wake up to the house feeling as if a maid just left. So, whatever I need to do the night before, I'll do, no matter how long it takes (it's 2:27 am and I just finished).   I, looking back, certainly have gone through various degrees of what I found acceptable forms of cleanliness; from slight, to completely overboard, to where I am now, just right. And I think that's ok. ** I had a period, where I was really, "over the top," with it, I guess, you could say, uptight.  And I think that's OK.  John Frusciante, another person who made a tremendous turn around in his life, says in, A Firm Kick , a song he wrote after getting sober, "what's wrong wit