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Transylvanian Sunrise

I'm currently teaching four wellness classes over the course of eight weeks with my son's homeschool co-op, and within my syllabus, I added as recommended reading the book, Transylvanian Sunrise, by Radu Cinamar (link to PDF version of the book below), and I would like to share why. The book, whether fiction or non, is of moot point, distinction.  Because what is important within the book is it shows just how powerful the human being can be, and WHY the knowledge of that power has been kept on an information lock down, away from us.  It shows that we are, being intentionally deceived.  By who, whom, not that it matters, as the KEY is to UNDERSTANDING that deception, and walking the other way.  To the LIGHT, truth, etc. We cannot change anyone or thing really, other than ourselves. So, let's begin there. Can I get an amen? Godbless