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Dying: Why Should Women Feel Shame?

So, last week I was feeling, thinking, and feeling as though I had no choice, but to throw in the towel in re to my wellness coaching.  Why? What led to that?  It doesn't matter, because God gave me a message; to hold tight.  Now's not the time. But that, is not what I want to talk about . What I want to talk about was my hair.  Personally, I like it.  It's white, grey, and brown with red highlights.  It's all natural, how God made me, and yes, it ages me, but, it's who I am. Often, people will come up to me and tell me to dye it.  Complete srangers.  But more often than not, people, strangers again, will tell me they like it. But this too is not my point. This is my point: I was told, by numerous sources, that I'd absolutely, have to dye my hair if I would want a job worth any value. This horrified me. And makes me question, WHY, can't we just love who we've all turned out to be, us women. I know, I'm not getting any younger . I know, I d

An Important Note

Hi Everyone! I've been given a lot of slack over the past decade, for sharing that I've been sober for 20 yrs. Well, lifting myself up and off of the streets, and getting sober, took a TON of determination, and that is, in my opinion, something to be immensely proud of.  Which I am.  It's also why, I became a wellness coach.  Because, the TOOLS I used to get myself well, and which I've shared here, ARE UNIVERSAL. No matter what your, "poison," ANYONE CAN GET WELL using the same tools. So, here's the question to ask yourself; If I should keep my feat, of lifting myself up and off the streets, getting off heroin, REMAINING off heroin -even during the most trying of times, times that I wouldn't have wished upon any adult who loves a child, to myself, keep it SILENT< on the down low, then WHY are you, we, even purporting to others, to get sober, and well?  If their lives will be, and are, ruined, in societies eyes, even after decades of sobriety, t