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I have just begun learning about healing with energy.  And, have only recently realized, that I am back on the exact path I had initially been on when I began going to college.  I went to college, at the suggestion of a therapist I was seeing, to help me deal with what I was going through with my youngest daughter.  He, after learning of how I changed my life, so drastically, thought and said that, "people need to hear what  you  have to say.  But, no one will listen unless you, have three letters behind your name (PhD)," - his exact words.  So, after looking into what he thought I had done for myself, he suggested I take the path of Behavioral Medicine.  However, as you all know (if you've read this blog), I simply could not "jive," with the rest of those in the psychology field, professors included.  Which led me into criminal justice (there's been far more change and growth in that field as opposed to psy, and the people were nicer!  But as usual, I'


Mind+Body+Spirit= The Holy Trinity of US, the individual. It's also what is at "the core" of healing with energy, and wellness. Here's what I want you to think about; IF the mind didn't have the power to HEAL, than riddle me the placebo effect.   Everyone I know, who is either pro or involved in Western medicine acknowledge the placebo effect, often to discredit healing with natural products, such as herbs. So, they must know and not doubt themselves the authenticity of the placebo effect.  Now once again, riddle me, how is OUR MIND, NOT OUR MOST POWERFUL ASSET? may we all (myself included) try to have Faith in God and God's eternal love, amen. Enjoy the rest of your day! ~cara CARANOLLETTI@GMAIL.COM


I just wanted to say, my kid just told me, "God is God.  God is energy.  God is the energy of Love." Cliche, but true, BUT, it is as simple as that. I'm working on attaining my wellness coach certification.  I want to help others have what I have.  Get clean. I'm "old" (er), but my theory is, and was proven true by my classmates, that there are those of us, battling addictions, things which if you can't "relate," you can't relate and we feel it.  It's my opinion that when we are trying to climb out of  hole so deep, it's unimaginable, to see a young, spring 25 year old chippy, who never battled ANYTHING (not to minimize their troubles, so maybe anything physical/noticeable)....I just think a battered old, grey dodge like myself may be more what they'd need. I was a junkie/garbage can up until 12/1999.  I got clean because I literally got sick of waking up sick.  I know the progression (of climbing out of the hole).  I liv

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I'm not big on edits, or re-do's, clearly.  I'm exceptionally shy, and this took a lot of nerve from me. So, yes, it gets cut off at the end, but, I've posted here all I really needed to say (read posts; step 1, step 2, step 3, and maybe watch the video, for an intro to, "my story,"). My intent is to help others become well. Western society has, in my opinion, replaced faith in God, with faith in synthetic medications, legal, illegal, under and over the counter.  Booze, sex, etc., all included in that term of, "medication." Now, I'm not perfect, by any means, however, I've made many mistakes in my life, learned from them, and now can only share what I know, from first hand experience. Everyone can get well.  It's not science, though in some cases, it will be a miracle. They do happen. I'm living proof of that.  My husband is living proof of that (he was diagnosed w/ ALS in 2013, still w/ us.  Still going strong.  Symptoms