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Transylvanian Sunrise

I'm currently teaching four wellness classes over the course of eight weeks with my son's homeschool co-op, and within my syllabus, I added as recommended reading the book, Transylvanian Sunrise, by Radu Cinamar (link to PDF version of the book below), and I would like to share why.

The book, whether fiction or non, is of moot point, distinction.  Because what is important within the book is it shows just how powerful the human being can be, and WHY the knowledge of that power has been kept on an information lock down, away from us.  It shows that we are, being intentionally deceived.  By who, whom, not that it matters, as the KEY is to UNDERSTANDING that deception, and walking the other way.  To the LIGHT, truth, etc.

We cannot change anyone or thing really, other than ourselves. So, let's begin there. Can I get an amen?



Following v Not Following: I'm Beginning to Understand the Rage

Hi Everyone!

Recently, after rejoining facebook, I decided to look into the possibility of joining a group for those caring for, and or living with ALS (in his papers, it does state; bulbar ALS symptoms specifically), because sometimes, as empathetic, and sympathetic I am, it can be difficult.

Case in point;

The other night, he had decided to order dinner.  He asked me where I'd like to order from, but being as I can find something ANYWHERE, he's the picky eater, I said, "You choose." Preceding convo below;

Husband: let's order from Farm Fresh Cafe
Me: OK
H: look at the menu.  I'm ordering a burger.
M (after looking): OK.  I'll have a tuna wrap.
H: forget it.  I thought you'd get a turkey burger.

So, no dinner delivered that night.

I half expected it, because he's always doing stuff like that. He does all of the food ordering when online but if it has to be called in, I have to.  IF I regulate that job to my 17 yr old, and he overhears, he'll…


I don't drink alcohol, so it never occurred to me that there would be GMO alcohol, but alas, there is.

I don't care what the media will tell you, genetically modified (gmo) food is NOT good for you.  You must, avoid it like the plague.  There is a reason so many nations have banned them all together.  And, if you don't believe me, research Denise Caruso, and begin with reading her book, Intervention.

Now, I know women who have complained to me about the ring of blubber they cannot get rid of around their stomach.  Not fasting, exercise, etc., helped, BUT, they all drank liquor and wine so I'd chalk it up to the sugar. HOW THE BLUBBER RING WASN'T A TIP OFF FOR ME, I DO NOT KNOW (the blubber ring around the waist is 100% caused by gmo). But, it surely makes sense to me now.

As always and with everything, I advocate that YOU DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU.  If you choose to eat gmo, understand the consequences. If you would like to choose to avoid gmo, ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE P…

Tone Up FAST

Want to tone up that ship of yours, fast? Try this workout I found on YouTube; Billy Blanks Cardio.  I don't mean to sound like a paid advertisement, but I'm a DVD workout addict (when I'm working out), AND THIS ONE IS FANTASTIC. You don't need weights, towels, benches, ballet bars, or even a mat.  All you need is YOURSELF.

I've done it 3 days in a row and can feel, and visually see, in the mirror and on a scale - the difference.

I cannot recommend something more.

**I did the tae bo beginners workout (24 mins) four nights ago.  It's also on YouTube. It was a good intro if you're willing to give this a go.

All right gals, guys, have a good night!


PS. Shelli Blanks #Queen #BodyGoals