Step 2: Writing Down Your Goals

Ok.  Once you've decided to give God a go, the next thing is to get a notebook, and write down your goals, no matter how crazy or farfetched they may be.

When I was in the Royan Motel, around when I asked God for forgiveness, I wrote out my three goals that I had at that time.  I believe they were; to get off heroin, get off the street (the royan hotel was a Gutter hotel, if you dig), and become the mom I always intended to be.  Definitely , "far fetched," if you were a fly on the wall at that time.  NONETHELESS, my theory at that time was, being as I still KNEW in the unseen, I felt that, all of those who were, "my angels," spirits, people I loved on the otherside, would be able to SEE exactly what I wanted, needed, desired, and would help me.  It was very much like a, "wind beneath my wings," theory.  Cheesy, I know, but, it worked. 

Oddly enough, many moons later, when I was well off the street, living soberly and in the suburbs, I was reading Jaycee Duggard's first book, and noticed, she too had written a crazy list of all the things she desired to do, while she was in captivity.  Things, which would have seemed absolutely preposterous at that time she wrote them, YET, she attained almost all of them within the next few years!  I can only remember two items she listed by they were; to walk on the beach with her mother, and to have a NYT bestseller. 

My point: there is clearly a connection between writing things down, ON PAPER, preferably in a notebook/journal, and making unbelievably unattainable feats, attainable. 

Have a good one, and always, may GODBLESS.



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