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The Opioid Epidemic: A Contrived Terroristic Act Against USA Citizens

Here’s something to think about. I’m a former heroin addict. Black tar was my poison, and I’ve been sober from that since 12/01/99. I was placed on legally prescribed 115 milligrams of methadone which I took for six months, long enough to get, literally off the streets and across the country. Then I went ama off of that. NOW, from first hand experience, the difference between the two, black tar v. methadone, from the daily effects, to long term effects, and kicking, are night and day. One, would’ve taken me 7-10 DAYS to get right/ kick (black tar). Methadone on the other hand TOOK YEARS!!! and had I not gone ama, even longer!! Cut to when the autopsy report came out for Anna Nicole Smith’s son. It was reported that he died of an accidental methadone overdose. Two stories down from that, on Yahoo! News, was the headline, “Methadone is THE most prescribed PAIN RELIEVER by US MD’s.”. !!!!!! I’d rant and rave all about it, for years, to no avail. Some elderly folks heard me (that it

Wellness, to Me

I wanted to talk about what I feel being, "well," is, because I don't believe or feel that it's centered around vanity. Let me explain. I will be the first to admit, I could have a tighter ship (aka body) right now.  However, for me, that's not what wellness is all about. " Vanity.  My favorite sin. " ~ John Milton in The Devil's Advocate. Between 2007-2012, I was probably in, what most would call, the best, physical shape of my life. I would jog exactly, 17.5 miles, everyday.  The same loop, everyday (millersville, PA to safe harbor and back via letort). I was addicted to it.  If I didn't, which usually wasn't an option, but if I couldn't, I'd run a, "quick," jaunt of 7 miles (millersville up to new danville and back around). Today, you won't even find me running even up the stairs!  OK. Two things; #1, I smoked herb back then.  I'd actually smoke a joint, then pop a pack of Jolt energy gum before hitti