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Wellness: Is Treating Yourself Right, NOT Being Perfect

I felt I should share with you that, today, for the first time in nearly TWO DECADES, I didn't make my bed! Instead, I let myself be, "all in my feelings." And you know what? That's OK. Life isn't perfect.  WE, are not perfect.  No one feels happy all the time. At my high school, The Amity School, one of the first things they taught us, in the Truth Propheet, was that for true balance, one needs to feel equal amount of joy and pain, as in a pendulum.  However much pain you allow yourself to feel, you will feel the same amount in joy. One of the many reasons I chose to get into wellness was because I felt, there were TOO MANY representations of wellness as being a 120 lb, Pilates honed, bottle blonds, with perfect kitchens, houses, kids and bank balances.  Who, other than the young and impressionable, would relate to that? No one has a perfect life. Yet, you can still be well. Now, today, while deep, "in my feelings," did I smoke tobacco, herbs

Keep on Pushing


Free Will

We all have free will. That, is what every, single thing boils down to, for every, single one of us.  No one, is exempt. I'm going to be honest.  I'm having a hard time finding clients. I've had people come to me saying, that they wanted, "help," but, they didn't want to take, their own, personal responsibility (not one person).  A game, which I refuse to play. Understand, whether, you've made yourself sick by not nourishing your ship/body with the proper food/fuel (instead used gmo, synthetic drugs, synthetics, etc.), used drugs or booze, or have merely held on tightly to negative thoughts, and or, toxic events in your life -rather than working on expelling them from you, YOU ARE STILL, THE ONE IN CONTROL. Now, the hurdle I'm facing is that, I'm feeling, and finding; for the majority, IT'S JUST EASIER TO BLAME OTHERS FOR THEIR PROBLEMS, RATHER THAN THEMSELVES. Which, you can clearly see, infuriates me to no end. I know I don't