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GMO V. NON GMO: A Perfect Example

Well, my husband, who does all of our grocery shopping via, accidentally, ordered carrots labeled, "organic," CLEARLY without checking the PLU# as I've instructed him to. So, for the past three and a half days, I've been eating, unbeknownst to me, gmo carrots. Not my usual 2.5+ lbs a day, as some were mushy, and they didn't give me that feeling on my taste buds that I physically crave. Now, what I did notice, was a physical change.  One, that honestly shouldn't have been happening, though, now that I know, it makes PERFECT sense. I had issues using the ladies room the past few days.  I felt, and knew I had to go, but could barely.  I couldn't even toot (pass gas).  It felt as if my colon and intestines were twisted in a knot! Which, if you have ever read the European study conducted on mice w gmo corn (how they got tumors around their waists, on/in their intestines), you'll understand how this makes perfect sense.** As soon as I realiz

Healing, GOD, Faith (LINK)

I couldn't have said it better.  I hope you'll click the link (date is irrelevant, the message is what I want to share).  Godbless