I just wanted to say, my kid just told me, "God is God.  God is energy.  God is the energy of Love." Cliche, but true, BUT, it is as simple as that.

I'm working on attaining my wellness coach certification.  I want to help others have what I have.  Get clean.

I'm "old" (er), but my theory is, and was proven true by my classmates, that there are those of us, battling addictions, things which if you can't "relate," you can't relate and we feel it.  It's my opinion that when we are trying to climb out of  hole so deep, it's unimaginable, to see a young, spring 25 year old chippy, who never battled ANYTHING (not to minimize their troubles, so maybe anything physical/noticeable)....I just think a battered old, grey dodge like myself may be more what they'd need.

I was a junkie/garbage can up until 12/1999.  I got clean because I literally got sick of waking up sick.  I know the progression (of climbing out of the hole).  I lived it.

I know what helped.  How it was ALL holistic.  Meaning, it began and ended with me.

Now to WELLNESS.  I came across this picture in one of my readings and when I saw it, I nearly screamed.  It is EVERYTHING that wellness is to me.

  Iceberg Model of wellness, Wellness Concept #2

Level 1: what's the situation.  (i.e.: for me it was my heroin addiction; for my husband, his ALS)
Level 2: what was MY role/ what did I do to contribute to the current situation
( i.e.: for me, I chose to use heroin.  My husband chose to never drink h20 , only Monster's -just 1 perfect example)
Level 3: Why? (i.e.: too many to name here for me; the hubs, he CAME from a family of appalachian farmers who did not slave away all day for water!  Sociological)
Level 4: And once you face YOURSELF like that, the truth, and in such a way (FACE it, dead/head on), YOU WILL FIND GOD (that energy).

We all have chit in this life, but it's what we do with it.  How we choose to handle it.  That is our responsibility.  It is between that person, and that energy (God). And you know what, you do have to Love yourself to even begin to stop blaming others.  It all begins within.

peace and love to you all.



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