I have just begun learning about healing with energy.  And, have only recently realized, that I am back on the exact path I had initially been on when I began going to college.  I went to college, at the suggestion of a therapist I was seeing, to help me deal with what I was going through with my youngest daughter.  He, after learning of how I changed my life, so drastically, thought and said that, "people need to hear what you have to say.  But, no one will listen unless you, have three letters behind your name (PhD)," - his exact words.  So, after looking into what he thought I had done for myself, he suggested I take the path of Behavioral Medicine.  However, as you all know (if you've read this blog), I simply could not "jive," with the rest of those in the psychology field, professors included.  Which led me into criminal justice (there's been far more change and growth in that field as opposed to psy, and the people were nicer!  But as usual, I've digressed).

Back to what I was getting at; healing with energy, the mind, etc., it really is that initial path, of Behavioral Medicine, that I had been on.  In my own life, I, simply made that choice to change, and once that choice was made, I stuck with it.  How?  My mind was made up.

Our minds are exceptionally powerful.  I discuss that a lot here, along with the contrived act to weaken our minds, by the powers that be.  All because if each of us learned to utilize it, our mind's, we'd literally, finally be free.

So cutting back to healing with energy; I was thinking about something.  When people ask, "How does it work," or laugh, mock, etc., here's what I am going to say;

You first, have to have the belief, for it to work.  It is not like God, where you don't have to have a belief, or believe in God, yet God will still work.  Healing with energy, much like healing with the individual's energy (which is at the core of wellness), will only work if YOU believe it will.  You have to believe in yourself, the energy of the unseen, GOD, energy, etc., because, I lament often, it is all real. But, you cannot tap into it if you refuse to believe.

An interesting thing I learned; scientists to this day, still cannot explain exactly how when we heal ourselves, for a small, minor cut, etc., how we do it.  Think about that.  Then think about how your body has naturally healed itself, countless times, all of which you yourself have seen, such as watching your scraped knee or elbow heal.  Exactly.  It's trippy.



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