Introduction (video, click, "

I'm not big on edits, or re-do's, clearly.  I'm exceptionally shy, and this took a lot of nerve from me. So, yes, it gets cut off at the end, but, I've posted here all I really needed to say (read posts; step 1, step 2, step 3, and maybe watch the video, for an intro to, "my story,").

My intent is to help others become well.

Western society has, in my opinion, replaced faith in God, with faith in synthetic medications, legal, illegal, under and over the counter.  Booze, sex, etc., all included in that term of, "medication."

Now, I'm not perfect, by any means, however, I've made many mistakes in my life, learned from them, and now can only share what I know, from first hand experience.

Everyone can get well.  It's not science, though in some cases, it will be a miracle. They do happen. I'm living proof of that.  My husband is living proof of that (he was diagnosed w/ ALS in 2013, still w/ us.  Still going strong.  Symptoms HAVE arrested - bc of energy, holistic wellness).

I'm here to help you become your own miracle, if you want it.


A pic of, "The Tribe," and me. 2015 Williamsport, PA. We've all come A LONG WAY, and I'm immensely proud. Godbless.



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