Dying: Why Should Women Feel Shame?

So, last week I was feeling, thinking, and feeling as though I had no choice, but to throw in the towel in re to my wellness coaching.  Why? What led to that?  It doesn't matter, because God gave me a message; to hold tight.  Now's not the time. But that, is not what I want to talk about .

What I want to talk about was my hair.  Personally, I like it.  It's white, grey, and brown with red highlights.  It's all natural, how God made me, and yes, it ages me, but, it's who I am.

Often, people will come up to me and tell me to dye it.  Complete srangers.  But more often than not, people, strangers again, will tell me they like it. But this too is not my point.

This is my point: I was told, by numerous sources, that I'd absolutely, have to dye my hair if I would want a job worth any value.

This horrified me. And makes me question, WHY, can't we just love who we've all turned out to be, us women.

I know, I'm not getting any younger . I know, I don't look, "pretty," or like a sexual object.  But is that all we are? I've bred, I don't need sex, but what happened to feeling and seeing people's light?  Their inner light - their soul.

Not to mention ladies, what then?  Aforementioned, the clock isn't going backwards, so from here on forth, I'm not stopping aging.  Should I nip, tuck, HATE everything about myself?

I'm sorry that people can't see what I see in the mirror now.  I know I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again; when I was considered sexually attractive/ pretty in my life, I wasn't happy.  I wasn't healthy.  I wasn't well.  I'm happy now.  I'm relaxed as well, not striving for perfection with my body, but, loving myself.  Loving, who I am, who I've become.  For, I know, the wars I've walked through, what I've survived, learned.  And if that shows on my face, my body, my HAIR - so be it. I'm PROUD to still be here, and appreciative of the knowledge I've gained.

Women speak of feminism, of loving the body they've been born with, yet then, go about changing every, single thing about themselves, ESPECIALLY as they age.

Well, as of right now, I'm not going to do it (dye). I've seen what I look like with dark hair surrounding my face, and you know what?  I prefer my white, stress highlights surrounding my face.  God, in my opinion, doesn't make mistakes.

So ladies, love yourselves.  You don't need to dye, pull, inject, just to feel like you too, are aging like a fine wine.  For you, in all of your truly, natural state, are a pure harbor of grace.



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