Jenna Jameson: A Lesson in Wellness

You know, for all of the comments I read online, you'd think the world would be a better place, considering most act as if they're without sin.

Whenever I read an article on the now, reformed, Jenna Jameson, most of comments seem to, to put it nicely, dismiss Jameson's personal change (after she found God, converted, became a mom again).  But, people are, to also put it nicely, unkind.

I, personally, applaud Jenna Jameson.  I feel I prefer those who went astray, then comeback to God (I'm not picky on the path they choose), as REDEMPTION is usually at the core, and heart of that change.  Jameson made a complete 360 change, and that is not only extremely hard, but very commendable.

In the article linked below, she talks about how, when she was unwell (which I take as; using pharmaceuticals, street drugs, alcohol, even sex), she was thin.  But, at her healthiest, which was after the birth of her daughter, she was heavy, though, I feel, it was the most mentally and emotionally well that she had ever been!

This was the point I was trying to make several posts ago, I think entitled, Wellness to Me.  When I was jogging 17.5 miles a day, sure I was fit, possibly even considered hot - or thought I was (and what does that even mean? "Blank-able," to men?), etc., but I wasn't well.

Wellness truly begins inside, and spreads outward.  How can it go from starting outward, and go in? Seriously.  If your starting point is outward, do you really, "get it," what being well really means? I don't think so.

When you're well inside, you WILL shine on the outside.  It's an energy, and you will have tapped into it, to that source of holistic understanding that is, I and I.  YOU and GOD.  Once you come to understand that, that it's ALL real (God, eternal life, the infinite abyss, etc), you'll understand WHY you should love yourself.  Why you should forgive yourself, leading yourself towards true change.

So, here's to Jenna.  You've come a long way kid.  Brava!



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