I've been contemplating something that has brought me great distress, fees. 

I've long felt that the truth (which is the core of being well), should always be shared, for free.  However, something I read in one of my favorite books, Stranger in a Strange Land, has made me reevaluate my stance.

In the book, Jubal, one of the characters, asks Mike, the man from Mars, if he was upset that his temple had been burnt down, and notes that he really shouldn't be (upset), being as he can easily rebuild, as he is heir to an infinite amount of money.  This then leads Jubal to ask Mike, why he had been collecting money from his, "followers," at his temple (if money was not needed).  Mike's answer; Because when he was giving the truth away for free, no one would listen.  But when he started charging for it, people began to pay, and they'd listen, for they felt like it, the truth, was then, "worth," something (human psyche 101).

As such, after much consideration, I've decided, that my knowledge, of how to get well, which is truth, will now come at a cost, and it will not come cheap (though I can still, not come to a figure, monetarily, or otherwise ;)).

My humble advice; Take the chance now, starting at my first post, then backtrack, to get the keys while you can.

I am very serious.  I am also very serious that ANYONE can get themselves well - as well as they can possibly be.  The power is from within, I and I.



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