Free Will

We all have free will.

That, is what every, single thing boils down to, for every, single one of us.  No one, is exempt.

I'm going to be honest.  I'm having a hard time finding clients.

I've had people come to me saying, that they wanted, "help," but, they didn't want to take, their own, personal responsibility (not one person).  A game, which I refuse to play.

Understand, whether, you've made yourself sick by not nourishing your ship/body with the proper food/fuel (instead used gmo, synthetic drugs, synthetics, etc.), used drugs or booze, or have merely held on tightly to negative thoughts, and or, toxic events in your life -rather than working on expelling them from you, YOU ARE STILL, THE ONE IN CONTROL.

Now, the hurdle I'm facing is that, I'm feeling, and finding; for the majority, IT'S JUST EASIER TO BLAME OTHERS FOR THEIR PROBLEMS, RATHER THAN THEMSELVES. Which, you can clearly see, infuriates me to no end.

I know I don't write so well (a bit of herb would probably help straighten that out, but I'm not in the sort of environment, mental space, where I can sesh), nevertheless, I've put my own solid, truths on this blog.  Truths that saved me (from a life of destruction), and can and WILL save you.

I'm not sure there is much else to say.  Now, I'm moving on.

SO; Be well, dig inside, expel your negative thoughts as they are poison for your mind, be conscious of what you put inside your body, and most of all - LOVE YOURSELF.

Love yourself enough to forgive yourself, so YOU can bring about your own, positive and healthy change.

In Christ's Name, and with ALL that is Holy,

Rasta, Forever. 


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