GMO V. NON GMO: A Perfect Example

Well, my husband, who does all of our grocery shopping via, accidentally, ordered carrots labeled, "organic," CLEARLY without checking the PLU# as I've instructed him to.

So, for the past three and a half days, I've been eating, unbeknownst to me, gmo carrots. Not my usual 2.5+ lbs a day, as some were mushy, and they didn't give me that feeling on my taste buds that I physically crave.

Now, what I did notice, was a physical change.  One, that honestly shouldn't have been happening, though, now that I know, it makes PERFECT sense.

I had issues using the ladies room the past few days.  I felt, and knew I had to go, but could barely.  I couldn't even toot (pass gas).  It felt as if my colon and intestines were twisted in a knot! Which, if you have ever read the European study conducted on mice w gmo corn (how they got tumors around their waists, on/in their intestines), you'll understand how this makes perfect sense.**

As soon as I realized the problem, I raced to the store for my non gmo carrots, and after eating just one, I could hear and FEEL my digestion track beginning to work properly again.

It is not my intent to be vulgar.  This needed to be shared, said.  And please, remember, ORGANIC DOES NOT MEAN NON GMO. Check the PLU#.  IF IT STARTS W AN 8, IT IS GMO.


**I just went to pull the study and found, scientists were forced to, "retract," it.  Hopefully those reading are wise and know WHY.  As well, just think back, did the majority of hs kids in your day, have the blubber ring around their waists as the kids of today have?  NO. It's the GMO. BUT, do as you wish. ~ Godbless, again.



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