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Hi everyone!

I became introduced to the practice of yoga, nearly 23 years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest, and I came across the book, Prenatal Yoga, by Jeannine Parvati Baker (God rest her soul). I can't say, I've continued, everyday for the past 23 years, as I go through spurts of what appeals to me (Pilates, dance, weights, nothing, etc.).  Though, I can honestly say, yoga is the one place I ALWAYS come back to.


I found this book above, years ago, though only opened it in Feb '17.

Now, I don't know about you, ladies, but ever since I turned 40, it seems that beginning on thanksgiving, I'll gain, "winter weight," that I cannot shake (between a solid 5-10 lbs).

Last year, after I cracked this book, not only doing the poses, but reading it cover to cover, I came across something which struck me- hard.  That was the, "holding of the locks," (w/ the 3 locks being; The Solar-Plexus Lock, The Chin and Throat Lock, and The Rectal Lock).

After doing the locks while doing the routine as outlined in pp. 63-98, daily, I lost ten pounds!

Of course, I believed it to be a fluke, however, I started the routine again a week or two ago, and I'm already sliding down the scale!

I mention, "the locks," as significant because, the routine in itself doesn't feel that strenuous, certainly no more than regular stretching.  Lord, sometimes after doing an hour of Rodney Yee, I'll be sore for days!  Not here.  With this, I feel that it's the locks, which are helping my body to tighten, from the inside out.  Holding the locks, is a, "still," move, and one that's surprisingly, a bit more difficult to actually do, than would seem on paper.

Here's a link to purchase the book if you'd like. I think I bought the last new copy for my old neighbor last year.  Nevertheless, used is just fine. That is what I just reordered after giving my copy to another friend last year, (because my weight loss was noticeable, and because I believed in it so much!).


*I am not a medical doctor and am only sharing what I've found that works well for me.

**not really a fan of Amazon, however, it's the only place I could find this book.



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