"Would the Gov let Christ Cure Cancer?" An Excellent Article by Jon Rappoport UPDATED W ADDED 411 LINK


I had told my fellow wellness students, during a brief stint at CalU, that, "if we were all there with the sole intent to help GET PEOPLE WELL, then we truly, were to become the, PRIESTS OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM." Not a soul, "got it." However, my belief and message intent was this; people who are truly WELL, FROM WITHIN, need for nothing.  They don't need to spend on THINGS, legal or illegal drugs, booze, tobacco, SEX, etc., as they are HAPPY from within.


They don't want you well.  Sick people are easier to control, and it PAYS rather well for them too.

Lastly, even though I had been a human garbage can, and on a quest to destroy myself for the first 24 years of my life, oddly enough, and just as through it all, I had a love for God, I have always been into holistic wellness. I have never adhered to western medicine.  So, I was already slanted that way.  But, when my adopted mom was dying, (of breast cancer), she, who also had been basically, a holistic the whole time I knew her as well, had said, "they (western med) aren't in the business to HEAL, for, there's no money in it!" My mother, who purported to have a relationship with God, for some reason feared death (of this life), so she tried all different kinds of trials, etc.  I think, in the end, she forgot to put her faith in God, and instead put it in western medicine (which will always be a let down).  IDK.  And, I've digressed!

Anyway, I found the Jon Rappoport article, on point, sad, though also funny.  It's Idiocracy, this life, truly.

Have a blessed day!

Interesting to note: I can actually get in legal trouble for sharing what I did in my post entitled, FOOD.  For suggesting to stay away from GMO.

***I am not suggesting anyone drop western medicine.  I am merely suggesting another way.  And always, do what is right, for you.


I came across an excellent article to support my stance above. It's in RE: black oil in synthetic drugs. 

Please read with an open mind.  Godbless




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