To My Fellow Amity (Arezzo) Alums: MY LOVE

Hi everyone!

I do hope you are all well.

Remember how the staff would choose a song for each of us? Possibly for the I and Me, or The Summit workshops? That, I honestly cannot remember.  What I do remember though, is that this was my given song.  I had taken it to heart, tried to embrace it, even making a now, long gone, tee shirt with, "let my love shine throughout the world," (in English) on the front, with the Italian translation on the back.  However, FOR YEARS, EVEN DECADES, I never understood - WHY that song was chosen for me.  The only thing I could and would conclude, and then chalk it up to, was because I had asked John if I could ring the bell at 1pm for "P-E-A-C-E," during the height of the gulf war (I had read about others doing the same thing in Time or Newsweek, etc.).  Which, of course, I'm not sure, or expecting, any of you to remember.

Well you guys, it may have taken nearly 27 years to figure out, but, alas, I FINALLY understand WHY that song was chosen for me (sometimes, I wonder, and it really feels, as if life is only meant to be understood, in hindsight, within reflection - very Castaneda of me, yes. But, I honestly mean it, and it's also what I was alluding to in my last post!).

Anyway, I just sang it (My Love), reading each word of the lyrics, during a karaoke session, and, Dio Mio! I get it! Though, I must admit, I am still surprised anyone could've saw through all of my childhood angst and chit to see that song is indeed who I am and what I feel (being as I was such an angry kid).  Maybe surprised isn't the word, rather I'm in awe.

OK. Godbless you all.

P.s. Yes, Amity had it's pitfalls, as does everything.  The pendulum, right? Nevertheless, I for one, am thankful for the time I spent there with all of you, and am thankful to have learned the tools which we did learn.  For without them, getting myself, "well," would've been a different experience.

Love, and many blessings to you all.



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