FOOD: Healthy Tips to Avoid Any and All GMO

OK. Now, I'm by no means an instagram model, and like many others, I'd love to lose a few pounds.

I don't drink booze, soda or juice, smoke anything, pop anything pill wise, legal or non, etc..  Nope, my, "drug of choice is," FOOD.  I love food, and I cannot live without bread (and Cabot's Seriously Sharp cheese).  But, I do watch what I put into my mouth.

So let's talk about what to look for when deciding what to eat.  (I'll probably take a hit for this, nonetheless), MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS NON GMO. I go by the standard of looking at the PLU# on a product.  If the number starts with an, "8," IT'S GMO (Link will be below).  This includes things labeled, "organic."

Too many people, "TRUST," the label of, "organic," but read the label!  If the PLU starts with an 8, I promise you, it's GMO.  FYI, Giant supermarket vegetables are almost ALL GMO. I'm a raw carrot addict, and I avoid that place for my stash, like the plague. Oh, and if you too are a carrot addict, avoid the minis, go for the long ones, always.

Now let's move on to the high fructose corn syrup.  Obviously, avoid.  If you want something chocolatey, either look for cocoa in the ingredients, (often things made outside of the USA), OR whip up an avocado, with raw cocoa, a bit of peanut butter and a splash of honey.  Your skin will thank you in the morning.

Lastly, SUGAR. I don't ever use it.  If you've ever come over for coffee, which maybe, some of you reading this have, you'll know, I don't have any, or even know where the husband keeps it (for his business). So, you are, and will be, out if luck.

OK.  So, CHECK THE LABELS. Always shoot for NON GMO; meat, dairy, vegetables, snacks, coffee, teas, even water. Check EVERYTHING (I cannot express that enough) and always, read the labels.  See the calories, fat calories, sugar, etc. This way, if you want to have that spot of gelato, YOU CAN, because you didn't have ten teaspoons of sugar with your coffee or tea all throughout the day.

I hope this helps.


***please note, the above article said apples are never gmo. That may have been true in 2015, however, we now have apples on the market that will not brown. So check them too...basically, check EVERYTHING.  It cannot hurt.

Link on the GM apples below



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