Cleaning & Time

This isn't really a, "step," for me, because they're both things which are really, used or should be utilized, by everyone, everyday.

Cleaning, in my opinion, is paramount to getting and remaining well. It's symbolic to me, about how we feel about ourselves. 

For me, I like to wake up to the house feeling as if a maid just left. So, whatever I need to do the night before, I'll do, no matter how long it takes (it's 2:27 am and I just finished).  

I, looking back, certainly have gone through various degrees of what I found acceptable forms of cleanliness; from slight, to completely overboard, to where I am now, just right. And I think that's ok. ** I had a period, where I was really, "over the top," with it, I guess, you could say, uptight.  And I think that's OK.  John Frusciante, another person who made a tremendous turn around in his life, says in, A Firm Kick, a song he wrote after getting sober, "what's wrong with being uptight."  Nothing. If that's what needs to be done, to keep, "it," you, in control. **

While raising my kids, I incorporated daily chores, and would tell them, to think of our house as our ship.  A ship that we all need to help man.  My oldest son would often balk at making his bed daily, and keeping his room, tight.  He'd say, "No one else has to do this.  None of my friends have to make their beds or keep their rooms clean."  Well, wouldn't you know, one of the very first things he said to me after I sent him away to military school was, "Mom,  I get it now."  He finally understood, WHY, keeping your things tight, bed made, etc. were important, for again, it is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. 

Which brings me to time.  Our society does not put any emphasis on taking the time.  Rather, everyone is always in a rush.  They're on the go, physically and mentally - going too fast.  Everyone's always too busy, with a common sentiment being, "Well, I don't have the TIME to clean," etc.., but you should. Cleaning, and taking the TIME to clean, isn't only a reflection of how you are feeling about yourself, but it can also be a time of introspective reflection, which need I say, is ALWAYS a good thing. 

The realizations, and personal epiphanies I've had, the past 17 years, while cleaning, are numerous. They've been numerous and detrimental to my own, personal understanding of who I am.  These epiphanies helped me to finally begin the process of piecing together the puzzle that is my life.  I was able to look honestly at the role I played, others who had been in my life played, the various situations, etc., all things that had a direct impact on my life, and helped shape and create who I had been and am (the good, bad and ugly).  

By having these realizations, memories, etc., things began to become much more clear.  I began to understand myself more, other people better, etc..  It brought about a much needed clarity to my life, which helped, TREMENDOUSLY with, and remains, even today, a huge part of, my own, "self healing," aka getting well. 

In sum; let's be real, someone who is, "WELL," will not allow themselves to be surrounded by filth and squalor.

I really hope I explained as I intended. 

Have a good night!




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